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  • iOS
  • Swift
  • SwiftUI
  • Augmented Reality
  • Machine Learning

Having built 10+ mobile apps with 1M+ downloads in total so far, we can provide a smooth collaboration experience with our clients. We build their mobile projects at any stage of the lifecycle.

We turn your ideas into awesome apps—like this social video app with a unique approach to the way people communicate or a handy app for a retailer’s customers to search for manuals for devices they bought.

Mobile application for Loewe

Mobile application for Loewe

Evil Martians excel at developing iOS apps with Swift. Along the way, we engage other best-fit technologies like Swift UI and UIKit for user interfaces and other product development services like Backend, Product design, SRE, or Machine learning with all the cutting-technologies that belong to them.

Recipe Scaler app

Recipe Scaler is an iOS app that helps users accurately scale any meal or beverage recipe based on the ingredients they already have on hand.

Many mobile app MVPs start with an iOS application. We can begin by quickly shipping a robust and user-friendly first version of an iOS app so the end-users can experience your product as soon as possible. That expedites and helps shape the final vision of the product.

We will also lead your iOS product through strategy, product architecture, various APIs integration, critical features, testing, analytics, and maintenance while providing code and design you can rely on.

Feed app

Registration and onboarding for Feed app

In this partnership, we share your goals and lead you through all the stages you need: from an MVP or a ready-to-market app engineering to the Apple Store approval process to help you be coherent with all policies. You can find some details on the approval process in the article “Comms Pro: building a social video app for FEED.”

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