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Synonym will use this capital to build out its team and execute on its mission to build biomanufacturing capacity for non-pharmaceutical applications. These facilities, which they are also referring to as “fermentation farms” will help synthetic biology companies scale, producing superior bioproducts at lower costs. To finance these facilities, the company is productizing its development process to provide infrastructure investors with access to a new, carbon-negative biomanufacturing asset class.

We helped the Synonym team design and build the MVP for several of its digital products that support their business. Below, you can find more information about one of them that was already launched successfully.

It was great working with the Evil Martians team to develop Capacitor. We came to them with an initial idea and they helped us work through key decisions to bring the product to life. They have a lot of expertise in building high-touch consumer-facing products and it was very helpful to have their perspective and guidance in our product development and launch process.

New biomanufacturing database with a map and search features

The Synonym team also created a free worldwide database of microbial fermentation capacity for synthetic biology producers to look for and contact production partners able to help them scale.

Capacitor website

We helped the client define and shape the product vision, keeping an eye on performance and speed. Moreover, we provided the service’s frontend and backend, and we deployed it into production on Heroku with all associated infrastructure.

Capacitor's map

Currently, the service website—Capacitor—has a catalog with a map, filters, search, the ability to add your own capacities, and a form for contacting potential partners. And soon, the Synonym team plans to expand its functionality significantly.

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