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We do lean web development: from user stories and design to agile development with Ruby on Rails, DevOps, support and training

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Open Source for the win

All of our products are based on open-source technologies. For us, it is vital to be a part of the community, to participate in the open source movement and to give back as well as to start new projects.

Here is something we have created — and participated in — during the last years.

Meet a company of individuals

We believe in lean process and agile software development. We work with talented people who are not afraid to take initiative. We prefer remote work over offices — in fact, most of us work remotely.

What started as a company of two friends continues as a team of more than 20 passionate engineers who enjoy web and mobile development, hacking open-source stuff and talking about it.

Best of all, we have a track record of helping startups to pivot and to grow big.

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