99 problems of slow tests

At Paris.rb, in Paris, France

Vladimir Dementyev will introduce a tool called TestProf: a toolbox for profiling Ruby test suites and a set of ready-made recipes to write faster tests and fix your existing slow codebase.

Writing tests is a significant part of the Ruby development process.

The test suite’s run time increases as the application evolves. We don’t care until we find ourselves wasting too much time waiting for the “green light”.

What makes tests slow, and how to heal them? Let’s answer these questions.

I would like to start the talk by answering several questions, e.g., “Do you write tests?”, “How long does your test suite run?”, etc. Some stats & charts.

In the first part of the talk, I would like to share a few real-life stories: “Our tests were slow, we did some investigation, and the reason was X.” Most of these reasons are related to incorrect test environment configuration.

The second part of the talk answers the question: how do you find bottlenecks in your tests?

I’m going to introduce a tool called TestProf—a toolbox for profiling Ruby test suites and a collection of ready-made recipes to write faster tests and fix your existing slow codebase.

Let’s make tests faster!


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