Navigating success: business strategies for design & web development services

At JAMstack Porto, in Porto, Portugal


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Jamstack OPO meetup is happy to host a roundtable featuring three business leaders from different design and web development companies to share their knowledge, strategies, and experiences.

The event aims to facilitate an open and collaborative discussion on key aspects of business development. The speakers are prominent business developers leading sales cycles from 3 very different design and development agencies.

We see this discussion as a unique opportunity to delve into the practical intricacies of the industry and beyond, offering insights into the strategies and challenges encountered by experts in the field. It aims to be a transparent and insightful discussion on the drivers of success for new businesses focused on service offerings.

This event will focus on:

  • Setting a Winning Strategy: Our speakers will delve into the process of crafting effective business development strategies, exploring the approaches they have found most successful in identifying and targeting potential clients.
    Delivering Results: The discussion will go beyond theory and into practice, with speakers sharing their experiences in turning strategy into results, including the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them.
  • Learning from Mistakes: Transparency is key. We will also discuss mistakes and setbacks they’ve encountered in their journey, providing valuable lessons for the audience to learn from.
  • Effective Approaches: Gain insights into the specific techniques, tools, and methods that have proven successful in the sales cycle, from initial outreach to closing deals and maintaining client relationships.
  • Prioritising What Matters: Discover what our speakers consider the most critical aspects of business development in the web development and design industry, enabling attendees to focus their efforts on what truly matters.


João Figueiredo, Chief of Operations at Pixelmatters
João is a COO at Pixelmatters with 13 years of experience managing design and web development agencies.

Rui Sereno, Managing Partner at Significa
A long time ago, Rui put his glory days as a designer behind his back to embrace the Managing Partner role at Significa. His is the first Significa face a client sees as he heads up business development and he works closely with just about every member of our team to make sure we are all happy and able to deliver the best products from definition to design, implementation and launch.

Victoria Melnikova, Head of New Business at Evil Martians
Alongside Evil Martians, Victoria connects with technical leaders, particularly in developer productivity space, and empowers growth-stage startups on their journeys to success. Evil Martians are great at product strategy, product design, backend and frontend development, and SRE. People know them for their achievements in Ruby on Rails and open source, as well as their strong technical blog called Martian Chronicles. Victoria recently launched a podcast about building successful developer tools called Dev Propulsion Labs.

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