Railsconf 2023: A Ruby Community Podcast Live with Irina Nazarova

On The Ruby on Rails Podcast,

Listen to Brittany Martin (The Ruby on Rails Podcast), Jason Charnes (Remote Ruby) and Paul Bahr (Peachtree Sound) as they interview guests from the community on a live podcast at Railsconf 2023 in Atlanta, GA.

Guest #1: Aaron Patterson, Senior Staff Engineer at Shopify
Guest #2: Irina Nazarova, CEO of Evil Martians
Guest #3: Voted on by the community in an online poll: Justin Searls, Meta Programmer at Test Double
Guest #4: Voted on by the community live at this session: Britni Alexander, Senior Software Engineer

Our Vanna White of Guest Selection: Danielle Greaves, Lead Web Developer, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust


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