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Tired of adding # frozen_string_literals: true to every file in your Ruby project, or running rubocop -A to make it do that for you? What if I told you that you can just add a single gem to your project and activate this option for the project’s files automatically (without enabling it globally)?


Add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem "freezolite"

And drop the following line to your application entry-point after loading dependencies and before loading your application code. For example, in Rails, you can put it to config/application.rb after the Bundler.require(...) call:

# config/application.rb


require "freezolite/auto"

# <application configuration>

By default, the gem uses Dir.pwd to determine the project root. If you want to use a different directory or multiple directories, configure the gem like this:

require "freezolite"

  # You must pass a list of glob patterns
  patterns: ["/path/to/dir1/*.rb", "/path/to/dir2/*.rb"],
  exclude_patterns: ["/path/to/dir1/vendor/*"]

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