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With imgproxy-node, imgproxy, a fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images, becomes even more accessible. Thanks to this library, Node.js-based projects can set up image processing with imgproxy to leverage a cost-effective self-hosted alternative to SaaS solutions.

The library (and, thus, the ability to use imgproxy) can be run using React Server Components. This way, you can use a server-specific URL signing feature but don’t need to deploy a separate Node.js service and expose your secret keys to the frontend; the library provides link generation, so you don’t need to write it on your own.

It simplifies the image-processing pipeline by encapsulating tricky imgproxy URL generation logic. You aren’t forced to think about encoding and signing URLs anymore; just provide the secret keys, desired result image options, and that’s it.

Plus, if you work in Visual Studio Code, detailed tooltips will help you properly form the URL for the required processing options (from simple resizing and blur, to more advanced features like custom watermarks). The library also ships with full TypeScript type coverage.

The library automatically works with the same ENV variables as imgproxy does (for example, secret encryption and signing keys) but it also supports its local overriding.

See image processing on the fly with imgproxy-node in this demo.


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