Bites and Bytes: meetup for developers and designers in Lisbon

At Bites and Bytes, in Lisbon, Portugal
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We are inviting developers and designers in Portugal for an offline meetup in Lisbon! Let’s hear some tech talks from both the Martians team and our guest speakers on backend, design, and open source promotion—from a team that specializes in building and designing dev tools and open source.

Our agenda

  • Alexander Baygeldin, Backend Engineer at Evil Martians
    Taking the edge off: demystifying edge computing using Cloudflare Workers
    What is edge computing? Just another buzzword, or a useful tool for your toolbox? We’ll look at the unique benefits edge computing provide (and the limitations and constraints that come with them), discuss real-world use-cases of edge computing with the example of Cloudflare Workers, and, finally, we’ll deploy something, with a demo showing what we’ve learned in real time!
  • Elizabet Oliveira, Senior Product Designer at (previously Elastic)
    Building a Cassette Tape with SVGs and ReactJS
    In this talk, join us on an exciting exploration of SVGs and ReactJS, where we’ll showcase how these technologies come together to build compelling audio interfaces. Discover how this powerful combination opens up new possibilities for crafting engaging and immersive user experiences.
  • Olga Rusakova, Head of Communications at Evil Martians
    Overcoming imposter syndrome: promoting yourself and your Open Source
    Developers mostly don’t like promotion. It’s not just about devs’ busy schedules and everlasting antagonism between accurate tech content and “promotional b.s.”—they do have reasons. But there are formats that can bring benefits to engineers—like recognition and commercialization of your open source and other real-life values.

Lightning talks

  • Roman Shamin, Head of Design at Evil Martians
    Mastering dynamic UI theming for designers
    I’ll explain an essential new principle for generating dynamic UI themes on the fly. The key is the color transformations made possible by the new OKLCH color space, and I’ll use my latest APCA Contrast Figma plugin to demonstrate how it works.
  • Gleb Stroganov, Product Designer at Evil Martians
    Customizing Icons to Complement Fonts
    Even neutral-looking fonts have near imperceptible characteristics that determine their look and feel. In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how to identify these font characteristics and apply them to your icons with the goal of making them complement a UI’s font. We’ll look at detailed examples, show how to sharpen your eye for doing this type of work, and discuss possible pitfalls.
Alexander Baygeldin

Alexander Baygeldin

Elizabet Oliveira

Elizabet Oliveira

CEO at Evil Martians, Irina Nazarova and Don Goodman-Wilson, Founder at

CEO at Evil Martians, Irina Nazarova and Don Goodman-Wilson, Founder at

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