Ruby on Whales: building a convenient development environment using Docker

At Izumo Ruby meet-up, in Izumo, Japan

Let’s explore why and how we can build Docker configurations to easily set up Ruby and Rails application development environments and understand the benefits of doing so.

Configuring a development environment that’s easy to use, quick to set up for new developers, and improves engineer productivity is no easy task. Further, Docker has a reputation for being more of a hindrance than a help for this task.

However, by leveraging the right configuration, tooling, and conventions, Docker can boost your productivity and provide an environment that is faster to set up and less prone to weird, computer-specific issues.

Izumo Ruby meet-up will be held right after the Ruby World 2023 conference in the city of Izumo (which neighbours the city of Matsue where Ruby World is held) in a new co-working Izumonomad. We invite Ruby World attendees to stay in Shimane prefecture for the weekend to attend the meet-up and explore Izumo.

Talk was delivered in Japanese.

Event organizer

SAMI Japan is an international IT-development company residing in Izumo.

“We are always looking for chances to attract talented people to connect, network and share their rich experience in our city, Izumo. That’s why we’re excited to invite Evil Martians to share their expertise. They’re true professionals in Ruby on Rails. Let’s get to know them!”



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