Leveraging OpenAPI: Creating Effective RESTful API Specifications and Documentation

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In today’s episode, they dive deep into the world of API documentation and best practices with Svyatoslav Kryukov. He is a Backend engineer. He discusses the critical importance of creating detailed specifications for RESTful APIs and recommends an insightful book for those eager to learn more. They explore the intricacies of generating documentation using DSL and tests, highlighting the pivotal role of YAML in this process. They share their methodology for writing comprehensive specifications before team discussions and the subsequent generation of development files. They also touch on the benefits of making these specifications available in a user interface through tools like Skooma, Rspec, and minitests.

You’ll hear valuable AI tool recommendations, and plans for an AI and Ruby summit. They also delve into their struggles with focusing on reading and share efficiency tips using AI-based tools like Speechify and Kagi search. They cover various aspects of using OpenAPI and Swagger tools, addressing challenges in fake data modeling, and the importance of user feedback in API design. They also discuss the distinctions between OpenAPI and Swagger, the history behind these tools, and their role in code generation and AI workflows.


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