Keynote: Startups on Rails in 2024

At RailsConf 2024, in Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Let’s hear from startups that chose Rails in recent years. Would you be surprised to hear that Rails is quietly recommended founder to founder in the corridors of Y Combinator? But it’s not only the praise that is shared.

Rails is a 1-person framework, and the framework behind giants like Shopify. Airbnb, Twitter and Figma started on Rails back in the days, but those are stories of the past. As the new businesses switched to prioritizing productivity and pragmatism again, Rails 7 had stepped up its game with Hotwire. But is the startup community ready to renew the vows with Rails and commit to each other again? The answer is: Maybe!

Let’s use feedback from those founders to discuss how Rails has aided their growth and what improvements would help more founders start-up on Rails!

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