Keynote: Startups on Rails in 2024

At RailsConf 2024, in Detroit, Michigan, United States
Cover for Keynote: Startups on Rails in 2024

Are new startups going for Rails in 2024? In preparation for this talk, Irina spoke with 25 companies that chose Rails in recent years.

This talk features three startup stories:

  •, a home painting company who, after 3 months with Next.js, made the switch to Rails and then successfully built the product (and went on to raise $6M seed funding).
  •, a Gen Z digital marketplace created by recent college grads who fell in love with Rails because it let them ship everything their customers requested.
  •, a car subscription company that migrated 70 Java microservices and 30 databases to a single Rails monolith, thus boosting the team’s productivity. In fact, they successfully completed the migration and released the new product the same night after the keynote!

All of these startups praise Rails for its unparalleled productivity and delivery speed, but positive feedback isn’t all that Irina collected—you’ll also hear about what’s missing, and get inspired to help build out the future of the Rails ecosystem!


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