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At Evil Martians, we help dozens of fast-paced startups running on Ruby on Rails every year. We design, build, and iterate on products, working hand-in-hand with internal teams. In particular, Rails is our framework of choice for SaaS products, and we’ve contributed to the success of numerous teams including Fountain, Tines, Monograph, Mayhem, and many more, as they raised later stage rounds, turned into unicorns, or were acquired by giants like Niantic. Our work is crucial at the early stages, bringing laser-focused product decisions, speed of delivery, and maintainability together and fueling business growth.

The success of our work stems from our experience working closely with Ruby on Rails, contributing to the framework itself and projects within its ecosystem. Not to mention that we’ve built many of the key components of the Rails ecosystem ourselves.

We’ll be sharing our playbook for the fast-paced companies building with Ruby on Rails: the key services, gems, resources and materials we use and recommend. Here’s what you’ll find:


Today, the Rails ecosystem gives you the power to choose from different paradigms for crafting user interfaces:

  • The Hotwire way: Completely avoid major JavaScript frameworks (like React or Vue) and go all-in with Hotwire.
  • JavaScript-enhanced UI: Selectively sprinkle UIs with interactive React components, just where needed.
  • Dual stack: Use Rails in API-only mode and integrate it with a React-powered Single-page Application (SPA).

The Hotwire way

JavaScript-enhanced UI

Dual stack (Rails API & SPA)

Scaling with Rails

Going big with Rails is absolutely possible and this has been proven by many successful products—like Shopify and GitHub! Here’s what to think about when scaling Rails applications:

  • Optimizing for performance.
  • Bringing observability.
  • Designing code for maintainability.

Improving Rails performance

Observability for Rails

Rails application design


Rails applications could be deployed anywhere—from good old bare metal machines to Kubernetes clusters. And, of course, there are plenty of PaaS options.

Choose whatever better matches your team!

DX & testing

Ruby and Rails heavily focus on developer productivity—and so should you. Imagine having a reproducible, easy-to-set-up development environment, fast and reliable tests, and the ability to delegate repetitive routine tasks to robots!

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