Terraforming legacy Rails applications

At RailsConf, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

This talk shares the ideas and techniques to make legacy codebases habitable and to prepare a breeding ground for the new features.

Ruby on Rails has been around for (can you imagine!) about 15 years. Most Rails applications are no longer MVPs, but they grew from MVPs and usually contain a lot of legacy code that “just works.”

And this legacy makes shipping new features harder and riskier: the new functionality has to co-exist with the code written years ago, and who knows what will “blow up” next?

I’ve been working on legacy codebases for the last few years, and I found turning legacy code into legendary code to be a fascinating and challenging process.

I want to share the ideas and techniques I apply to make legacy codebases habitable and to prepare a fertile ground for new features.


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