Presenting imgproxy—the blazing fast and secure image processing tool

At WebSummit, in Lisbon, Portugal

Built by developers for developers, imgproxy resizes and processes images on the fly and doesn’t consume disk space. It reduces your costs and removes the costly requirement that all saved images conform to specific formats.

At Web Summit, there was a lot of diversity: Hardware and iOT, Sustainability, Fintech, HR, Sports and Wellness, Data Science, Social Media, and more. Most came from within Europe, but there were also visitors from around the globe.

Niki with a backpack running through a conference hall with some food vendors in the background.

There was a lot of ground to cover, so it’s good to snack up

It was exciting to feel we were representing a piece of all this innovation. Sharing about our products, our clients, and the great work we do with industry leaders gave me the boost I needed to keep bringing value at work everyday. Also, every time I gave away an Evil Martian sticker the delight in the recipient’s eyes was fantastic. Energizing.

The Startup exhibition is a huge part of the Web Summit. This year we applied and were enrolled into the ALPHA startup program with the Martian COSS project imgproxy.

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