Bites and Bytes founder gathering: dev tools & open source

At Bites and Bytes founder gathering, in Lisbon, Portugal

Our goal is to carve out some dedicated time and space for great conversations around dev tools and open source. Participants are invited to share our experiences in product strategy, development, and growth, as well as ways to secure investments to make the product evolution and surge in users happen.

Bites & Bytes was an RSVP-only founder gathering event. Participants were invited to share experiences in product strategy, development, growth and fund-raising centered around driving product evolution and making sure user growth happens.

Nikolai Liubimov, CTO at Heartex

Nikolai Liubimov, CTO at Heartex

We found a picturesque rooftop in the center of the city, which, when coupled with great catering and fantastic guests, made for an excellent time.

We invited a special guest, Nikolai Liubimov, CTO at Heartex—an open source data labeling platform for Machine Learning & AI. He talked about the product growth strategy, and their work with the professional community and investors. We also had a roundtable discussion with Nikolai, Evil Martians, AnyCable CEO Irina Nazarova, and imgproxy CEO Marina Naperstak.

The founders went down memory lane and discussed the origin of each product and the tricky question of open source monetization—the biggest question in the world of commercial open source—and the importance of the community behind any open source project.

Bites & Bytes was my first opportunity to pitch AnyCable.
I loved fellow open source and dev tools people asking questions about AnyCable and building live collaboration features.


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