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Lite Cable provides Connection and Channel abstractions to design real-time features in your application:

class Connection < LiteCable::Connection::Base
  def connect
    # perform authentication here

class ChatChannel < LiteCable::Channel::Base
  # Use this id in your client to create subscriptions
  identifier :chat

At the client-side, you can use any Action Cable library (including the official Rails one).

Lite Cable is designed to be used with AnyCable. All you need to do is configure the connection factory for AnyCable:

AnyCable.connection_factory = Connection

Alternatively, you can use a simple Rack-based WebSocket server implementation which comes with the library:

require "lite_cable/server" do
  map "/cable" do
    # You have to specify your app's connection class
    use LiteCable::Server::Middleware, connection_class: Connection
    run proc { |_| [200, {"Content-Type" => "text/plain"}, ["OK"]] }

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