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AnyCable helps you build reliable and fast real-time features—notifications, chats, Hotwire frontends, and more—natively on Ruby on Rails without using 3rd-party services. Stay productive by writing clean, maintainable code in Ruby with the assurance that your application scales efficiently.

With AnyCable, you save up to 10x on infrastructure cost compared to built-in ActionCable, and keep latency under control with a fast Golang server to handle the WebSocket load. At the same time, you also remain fully in control of your data without sending or storing it using 3rd-party storage.

Watch the video below and see how you can combine the elegance of Ruby with the power of other languages to improve the performance of real-time applications:

The Pro version offers even more benefits: an additional 40% reduced memory footprint, DX improvements, and priority support. AnyCable’s ecosystem includes client-side SDKs for web and iOS, helm charts, k6 plugin for load testing, a GQL adapter, and more.

Some advanced features AnyCable Pro can offer:

  • Reduced memory usage
  • Apollo GraphQL compatibility
  • Binary communication protocols for bandwidth savings
  • Unlimited instances

Learn more about Pro and choose a plan—Basic, Standard, or Enterprise—that fits your project’s needs. Every plan starts with a 2-month free trial.

Why AnyCable?

Increased performance and scaling

With 3.5 times lower RAM usage and better CPU utilization, AnyCable helps scale more efficiently than Rails’ Action Cable. This puts your Rails application’s real-time performance on par with Go, Elixir, and Node.js-based solutions and keeps your application resilient during peak loads.

Better real-time experiences

AnyCable optimizes message broadcasting to provide very low latency: users no longer have to wait seconds for updates—it’s really real-time now.

Broadcast latency depending on the number of simultaneous connections

Broadcast latency compared to the number of simultaneous connections

Production grade features

AnyCable provides out-of-the-box features that Action Cable is missing. These include features required for many production installations, like instrumentation with Prometheus and StatsD integrations, disconnect-less deployments, non-Rails applications support, and more. Moreover, it is designed to be easily extendable, and we’re ready to tune and expand AnyCable to fit your needs.

More control

Since AnyCable is an open source software, it’s easy to install it in your application cluster—in a public or private cloud, or on bare metal, without having to pay for an external SaaS service. With AnyCable, you’re in full control of your data, you don’t send it or store it with any 3rd party, you have no message or channel-specific limits, and no throttling. Moreover, AnyCable provides an “exactly-once” delivery guarantee.


AnyCable brings transparency to your real-time features via smart metrics reporting support. Keep everything on the radar by sending metrics to StatsD or Prometheus, and visualizing them in Grafana. You can also prepare for any storm with k6 by using our xk6-cable plugin.

Load testing AnyCable with xk6-cable and monitoring in Grafana

Custom solutions

For our clients all over the world, AnyCable is our default choice for adding real-time features to Rails applications. We can help build real-time features for your application, provide support for AnyCable, build a custom solution on top of AnyCable, or even modify AnyCable itself.

Let’s have a chat and see what we can do for you!

How it works

  • Seamlessly integrates with an existing Ruby on Rails and Action Cable application—or a pure Ruby application. Just plug in an AnyCable server and offload all the hard work while you continue to write business logic in Ruby.
  • It uses gRPC for communication between the high-performance AnyCable server and the Rails or Ruby application.
  • Your Ruby code stays the same—except that you don’t have to worry about its real-time performance anymore!
AnyCable's architecture

AnyCable’s architecture

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