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With AnyCable, you save up to 10x on infrastructure cost, and keep latency low with a fast Golang server to handle the WebSocket load. At the same time, you also remain fully in control of your data without sending or storing it using 3rd-party storage.

AnyCable comes in three flavors: open source, on-premise Pro with reliability in cluster mode, Apollo GraphQL integration, priority support and more. And Managed AnyCable is the newest addition! Available for testing purposes for free. AnyCable’s ecosystem includes client-side SDKs for web and iOS, helm charts, a k6 plugin for load testing, integrations with observability tools, a special Grafana dashboard, and more.

Some advanced features AnyCable Pro can offer:

  • Consistency in cluster mode
  • Adaptive scaling
  • Slow drain on shutdown
  • Binary compression
  • Long-polling fallback
  • Apollo GraphQL support (clients, Studio)
  • Dedicated Slack-based support

Learn more about AnyCable: start a 2-month free trial of the on-premise Pro, or try out Managed AnyCable!

Why AnyCable?

Low latency of realtime at scale

If your product needs low latency interactivity, communication, or collaboration, AnyCable can be the perfect solution at any stage: start building with a managed (SaaS) version, and move on to the cost-efficient Pro version, or move off to open source. Originally built as a drop-in replacement for Action Cable in Rails, AnyCable has been around for 7+ years, and it is powering large-scale applications around the world (see use cases).

Reliable realtime delivery

Most WebSocket solutions do not have delivery guarantees, but AnyCable automatically recovers any messages missed during micro connectivity issues, common even for stable connections, as well as longer ones that happen when users commute, ride a subway, etc. We solve all realtime-specific problems so that you don’t have!

Managed, open source, or on-premise Pro

We recommend starting tinkering with AnyCable in its SaaS form but consider switching to the on-premise Pro version later. You can always switch to open source, which is, of course, free. In any case, no changes in code are needed to make a switch. Choose what’s best for you today.

Secure and HIPAA-compliant messaging

Using on-premise AnyCable, Pro, and open source, you store all realtime data, such as chat messages, on your servers and never have to send it to a 3rd-party. Simple, secure, and compliant with HIPAA.

Reuse your existing infra components

AnyCable doesn’t require any additional infrastructure components for its operation and scalability: good old HTTP API and embedded NATS pub/sub server have you covered. And if you already have Redis or NATS, you can use it as well.

Let’s have a chat and see what we can do for you!

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