Evil Martians Telephony

The code is for an open source version of Evil Martians’ very own telephony platform that runs all our phone numbers.

This is a swiss army knife for everything we do with our phone numbers at Evil Martians. It currently runs on the VoxImplant cloud platform, is implemented in JavaScript, and is designed to run via Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools.

You can use it to build your simple telephony solutions, with one or multiple office locations, managers scheduled to answer a call, conferencing, and short numbers.

It should be relatively easy to change the system for your specific usage requirements and integrations, or configure and run it as-is.

The application is mostly designed for engineering-friendly companies. It is intended for advanced users who know their way around Git and can alter the address book or schedule by editing JSON and pushing the code or making a pull request. This way, we can avoid monstrous integrations, and every single change is right there in the git repository.


  • Fully powered by JavaScript code and JSON configuration files that are deployed via a Continuous Integration service
  • Multiple “zones” and offices
  • The ability to record automated messages in different languages for every “zone”
  • Call forwarding to personal employee numbers
  • Call queues, where the system will try every manager that is currently available to take the call
  • A shared address book with employees that can be assigned to office call queues
  • Extension numbers for every employee for direct calls
  • “Working hours” support for every employee
  • An “answering machine”
  • Email notifications for missed calls with “answering machine” recordings
  • Call forwarding and conference call support

Check the documentation!


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