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CanFY is an AI assistance product for professional tools designed to simplify complex data structures, including help center systems and file metadata. This AI service converts raw data–documents, support threads, chats, call transcriptions, unstructured tribal knowledge, and sensitive, confidential corporate data—into refined knowledge, ready for generating conversational responses to user queries.

This full-stack LLM platform is built with a focus on privacy and sensitive data protection. CanFY ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and HIPAA and can be self-hosted within a secured company perimeter where nothing sensitive goes outside, thanks to standalone secured processors, including interpreters. It leverages unrestricted internal usage without the boundaries imposed by GPT and other proprietary LLMs and allows employees, including those at the C-level, to use AI assistance safely and securely to navigate confidential company data.

A human-like advisor

CanFY means that developer tools users don’t need to spend hours (or even days!) digging through tons of documentation, StackOverflow, or GitHub. Users also no longer need to wait for a support team to respond with an elusive solution or to help understand a specific functionality. Instead, developers can now have a seamless and interactive conversation with CanFY.

This tool interprets multiple sources, fetches the most relevant solutions based on your query, and delivers concise expert advice for specific scenarios, depending on the developer’s context. Developers can adjust source weights, manage knowledge, and parse various sources to ensure the information they receive is relevant and accurate.

Beyond operational cost reduction and enhanced user satisfaction, CanFY provides improved onboarding—it can help new team members get acquainted with project-specific tools and frameworks in no time.


CanFY boasts a wide range of features designed for the modern developer, like enhanced prompt quality, which incorporates client metadata into queries, a custom encoder that optimizes space (20x disk space savings, 10x computing and network wait time savings, CPU-optimized), customizable ready-to-use UI with settings to fit existing designs, and other custom embedding and anonymization tools.

As a standalone product, CanFY offers flexible deployment options—from Docker and Kubernetes self-hosted clusters to one-click PaaS deployments.


In 2023, the tool, including the CanFY team and its technology, was acquired by Playbook, the visual cloud storage platform built for creatives. The AI assistant has now been integrated with the platform and is helping over 700,000 Playbook users—designers, photographers, and videographers—and elevating the platform’s visual search capabilities, including enhanced image recognition and file management technologies.

Acquiring CanFY and the platform their team has built allows us to quickly and continuously deliver AI-driven innovations to empower creative professionals worldwide.

The features that CanFY brought—like auto-tagging, facial and custom object recognition, natural language and guided search, and more—help facilitate fresh creative opportunities. Designers are now able to effortlessly issue commands like “create a mood board from my assets” or “find images featuring a fireplace,” helping users accomplish tasks in seconds.

The Evil Martians team is proud to contribute to CanFY as an early backer. Now, thanks to the folks at Playbook, this AI assistant has an inspiring new home where they can evolve even further and create great new features!


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