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We guide and empower engineering teams to adopt best practices and to establish strong engineering culture inside the product team. For 8 years we have led our own specialized course for engineers. We have successfully tutored numerous startups’ core tech teams while working on customer projects.

To the partnership table, we bring candid feedback and guidance to empower your engineers with best practices making production efficient.

A core component of our mission is to share with earthlings the insights and proper engineering practices that we have meticulously collected through the years (just look at the number of tutorials and “how-to” in our blog!)

We empower startup and enterprise teams to establish a strong engineering culture inside the product team. We boost your team with hands-on sessions, pair programming sessions, and webinars on specific topics.

Evil Martian webinars

Learn more about the Evil Martian webinars on testing GraphQL with Rails, Rails authorization with Action Policy, and technologies to implement real-time features in Ruby (like AnyCable) that we arranged for Mayhem to help them iterate quicker and learn new tools and patterns.

We also provide full-on training courses (in-person or online) tailored to your team’s needs. For instance, the courses can consist of an advanced hands-on Ruby on Rails, a thorough analysis of frontend development, a highlight of modern SRE best practices, and an examination of iOS development.

Evil Martian in-house training

In a customer project with an open source product for developers, we helped organize in-house training for frontend engineers of Teleport, enabling the core tech team to work independently from that point on.

Learn more about how Evil Martians support teams with training

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