How to make a popular open source project

At HolyJS, in Saint Petersburg, Russia

How come some projects are more popular than others? Why is a particular library a default choice? How rational are our choices when we decide on a library to depend on?

In this talk, Andrey Sitnik, lead developer at Evil Martians and the creator of some of the most popular front-end open source projects—PostCSS with 50M downloads per month, Autoprefixer, Browserslist, and NanoID—will take you behind the scenes of a popular modern open source project.

He’ll cover a wide range of topics: from promotion how-tos and tricks to preventing maintainer burnout.

The talk can be helpful for front-end developers—to learn more about making smart choices when choosing another library for a project, and open source maintainers—to learn more about marketing and supporting your open source project.


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