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Size Limit is a “performance budgeting tool” for JavaScript. It checks every commit on CI, calculates the real cost of your JS for end-users, and throws an error if the cost exceeds the limit.

  • ES modules and tree-shaking support.
  • Add Size Limit to Circle CI, GitHub Actions, or another CI system to know if a pull request adds a massive dependency.
  • Modular to fit different use cases: big JS applications that use their own bundler or small npm libraries with many files.
  • Can calculate the time it would take a browser to download and execute your JS. Time is a much more accurate and understandable metric compared to the size in bytes.
  • Calculations include all dependencies and polyfills used in your JS.
Size Limit CLI

With --why, Size Limit can tell you why your library is of this size and show the real cost of all your internal dependencies. We use Statoscope for this analysis.

Statoscope example

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