Wildest Dreams of Making Profit on Open Source

At Open Core Summit, in San Francisco, California, United States
Cover for Wildest Dreams of Making Profit on Open Source

Open Source is amazing. For decades, it has been sustaining technological progress while struggling to become sustainable itself. Commercialization, or building a business on top of Open Source, promises to give control back to the author. But how can you make money on something that is free?

After years of working for an open-source-centric company and launching commercial open-source businesses, my passion is to guide and support founders of dev-facing products, to help them turn from a Pre-Seed into a Unicorn faster and in one piece.

This 20-minute talk focuses on one topic: the key intrinsic conflict in the business of open source, and how to overcome it to gain velocity and precision needed to grow into a successful product organization. Meet the hacker and the hustler!


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