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It’s a standalone binary which can be used:

  • In development for playing with Action Cable channels (instead of struggling with browsers)
  • For monitoring and benchmarking.


ACLI is an interactive tool by design, i.e., it is asking you for input if necessary.
Just run it without any arguments:

$ acli

Enter URL:

# After successful connection you receive a message:
Connected to Action Cable at

Then you can run Action Cable commands:

# Subscribe to channel (without parameters)
\s channel_name

# Subscribe to channel with params

\s+ channel_name id:1

# or interactively

Enter channel ID:
# Generate params object by providing keys and values one by one
Enter key (or press ENTER to finish):
Enter value:
# After successful subscription you receive a message
Subscribed to channel_name

# Performing actions
\p speak message:Hello!

# or interactively (the same way as \s+)

# Retrieving the channel's history since the specified time

# Relative, for example, 10 minutes ago ("h" and "s" modifiers are also supported)
\h since:10m

# Absolute since the UTC time (seconds)
\h since:1650634535

You can also provide URL and channel info using CLI options:

acli -u -c channel_name

# or using full option names
acli --url= --channel=channel_name

# you can omit scheme and even path (/cable is used by default)
acli -u

To pass channel params use --channel-params option:

acli -u -c ChatChannel --channel-params=id:1,name:"Jack"

You can pass additional request headers:

acli -u --headers="x-api-token:secret,cookie:username=john"

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