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  • Small. 180 bytes (minified and gzipped). No dependencies. It uses Size Limit to control size.
  • Fast. It tracks what parts of the state were changed and re-renders components only based on the changes.
  • Hooks. The same Redux reducers.
  • Modular. API created to move business logic away from React components.

Read more about Storeon features:

import { createStoreon } from 'storeon'

// Initial state, reducers and business logic are packed in independent modules
let count = store => {
  // Initial state
  store.on('@init', () => ({ count: 0 }))
  // Reducers returns only changed part of the state
  store.on('inc', ({ count }) => ({ count: count + 1 }))

export const store = createStoreon([count])
import { useStoreon } from 'storeon/react' // or storeon/preact

export const Counter = () => {
  // Counter will be re-render only on `state.count` changes
  const { dispatch, count } = useStoreon('count')
  return <button onClick={() => dispatch('inc')}>{count}</button>
import { StoreContext } from 'storeon/react'

  <StoreContext.Provider value={store}>
    <Counter />

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