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Evil Martians specialize in building trustworthy fintech services and ledger technologies to create new secure and verifiable networks through decentralization and transparency.

If you’re building your app based on environments from mainstream public blockchain networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, and Stellar) or private ledgers and frameworks (Hyperledger, Exonum), we can help.

Our continuous work in the Stellar Community and contribution to the Stellar platform’s evolution have been particularly impactful and rewarding. Evil Marians won the Stellar Community Fund funding thanks to releasing our open source blockchain project—Astrograph, a framework that lowers the entry threshold to the Stellar ecosystem and reduces Stellar application development costs and time-to-market. We’ve also co-authored a Stellar Ecosystem Proposal for web authentication.

Inside the Stellar environment and beyond other networks, Evil Martians can work with building core software, end-user applications, maintaining infrastructure, integrating blockchain with existing business processes, and designing developer tools for maintaining blockchain developments.

Certora is a security analysis tool for Ethereum Smart Contracts

One of our customers, Certora, is a security analysis tool for Ethereum Smart Contracts used to automatically detect security vulnerabilities.

With years of experience in building blockchain projects like cryptocurrency exchange or blockchain-based AI Transformation & MLOps platforms, we can help build your financial, insurance, and AI-based applications.

Some FinTech projects from our customer list

Some FinTech projects from our customer list

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