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Product development beyond just apps: our years of hard-earned experience mean we’re ready to build browser extensions, plugins, and integrations for platforms like Figma, Discord, VS Code, and Slack.

Figma plugins

Playbook Figma plugin

One of the Figma plugins we created was built together with Playbook, a cloud storage platform for creative files, making it easy to organize, share, and collaborate on your work.

The project’s goal was to make the user experience smoother and faster (many of the users are designers who must regularly upload their assets from Playbook into Figma). Thus, we started developing a Figma plugin to simplify using Playbook images in Figma and FigJam, with no need to switch between apps or download and re-upload the images.

Playbook Figma plugin gallery page

Viewing images in the Gallery

Playbook Figma plugin search page

Searching images

The first version of this plugin was built in just two months and already included a number of features: authorization, switching between different Playbook organizations, the ability to paste images into Figma and FigJam, and image search.

The plugin is now available in the Figma community and is used by hundreds of users.


Polychrom is our free Figma plugin that gives more precise control over UI text readability. It allows users to easily adjust the text color based on the background, or adjust the background color based on the text. We always take care to use an a11y (accessible design) approach, and the appropriately high contrast is an important part of this.

Here is an example of how a user can adjust the text color based on the background…

…or adjust the background color based on the text

For Polychrom, we implemented an advanced algorithm based on the tree traversal, to make it work as fast as possible.

Thanks to the work of both our frontend and design teams, the MVP version of the plugin was ready in five days.

Then, after a short period of modifications, we published it in the Figma community and launched it on the ProductHunt.

Shortly after we launched it last year, Polychrom was awarded the #2 User Experience Product of the Month and #2 Product of the Week. Now, Polychrom already has 3.3K+ users in the Figma community.

Statistics which shows the growth of Polychrom users and views

The growth of Polychrom usage in the first weeks after launch

VS Code plugins

Certora IDE extension

Certora, a series B blockchain startup that provides advanced analysis tools for Smart Contracts, had already offered a web report feature to their customers: this report displayed all test results and locations in the code where security vulnerabilities were detected.

However, to find them in the development environment, users had to switch between windows, and copy lines from the report to search inside the IDE. This was inconvenient. So, to improve this process, the Certora team decided to add a VS Code plugin to allow test results to be displayed directly in the code editor. With this in mind, the Certora team reached out to Evil Martians.

The design sprint's input and output—a web report on the left, and the plugin's output inside the IDE on the right.

The input and output of our work—the web report on the left, and the plugin on the right.

Building this Certora IDE extension took only two months. Currently, Certora IDE extension has 1.8K+ installs on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

A final video example for the VS Code marketplace, to help users understand the plugin’s functionality

When a client has an idea for a new plugin for some platform, be it Figma, Discord, Slack, or a browser application, we’re ready to help develop the idea and plans for an MVP version, all the way from conception, to product launch, and future development.

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