Extraterrestrial product development consultancy

Evil Martians is a distributed product development consultancy that works with startups and established businesses, and creates open source-based products and services.

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Martian Chronicles

Interplanetary dispatches on back-end, front-end, design, development operations, management, and Martian lifestyle.

Our open-source and commercial experience gets distilled and published regularly on our team blog.


GraphQL on Rails: On the way to perfection


GraphQL on Rails: Updating the data


Scroll to the future


imgproxy: Resize your images instantly and securely


Ruby and Ruby on Rails are in the heart of most projects and the essential Martian tool of choice.

To power the most high-performant projects—to withstand high load, build networking applications or process huge amounts of data, we add Go, Scala, or Erlang to the mix.


React with Redux is the Martian go-to JavaScript framework. Node.js and ES7, the latest version of JavaScript, are the foundation for front-end development. We build front-end with Webpack, PostCSS, and Babel.


For iOS development, Martians use the Swift language for all emerging applications. We support existing Objective-C applications as well.


Dedicated Martian DevOps team uses Chef to automate infrastructure management and deploy software on Amazon Web Services or any other cloud or dedicated bare-metal hosting.

Open Source for the win

All of our products are based on open-source technologies. For us, it is vital to be a part of the community, to participate in the open source movement and to give back as well as to start new projects.

Here is something we have created—and participated in—during the last years.

Martians are a remote-first, fully distributed team of engineers.

All Martians—including managers and designers—have software engineering experience. We are open-source geeks and open source is a defining part of our culture.

We regularly “tour,” giving keynotes at key technical conferences and local meetups.

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