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Color on a white background

For composing a color you are going to use as a foreground color (for text or icons) on white background, use a short notation:

import { apcach } from "apcach";
apcach(60, 0.2, 145); // oklch(62.01% 0.2 145)

Color manipulations

Having a color in apcach format, you can adjust its contrast, chroma or hue by using these functions:

import { apcach, adjustContrast } from "apcach";
let color = apcach(60, 0.2, 145); // oklch(62.01% 0.2 145)
adjustContrast(color, 10); // oklch(54.98% 0.2 145)

apcach color convertation to CSS

Once the color is composed, convert it into one of the CSS formats and use as usial

import { apcach, apcachToCss } from "apcach";
let color = apcach(60, 0.2, 145);
apcachToCss(color, "oklch"); // oklch(62.01% 0.2 145)
apcachToCss(color, "hex"); // #00a22b

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