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  • Small. Between 266 and 969 bytes (minified and gzipped). Zero dependencies. It uses Size Limit to control size.
  • Fast. With small atomic and derived stores, you don’t need to call the selector function for all components on every store change.
  • Tree Shakable. The chunk contains only stores used by components in the chunk.
  • Was designed to move logic from components to stores.
  • It has good TypeScript support.
// store/users.ts
import { atom } from 'nanostores'

export const users = atom<User[]>([])

export function addUser(user: User) {
  users.set([...users.get(), user]);
// store/admins.ts
import { computed } from 'nanostores'
import { users } from './users.js'

export const admins = computed(users, list =>
  list.filter(user => user.isAdmin)
// components/admins.tsx
import { useStore } from '@nanostores/react'
import { admins } from '../stores/admins.js'

export const Admins = () => {
  const list = useStore(admins)
  return (
      { => <UserItem user={user} />)}

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